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Workplace Law & Regulations for the Manager (WLR)

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Human Resource Certification Institute

Society for Human Resource Management

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Texas State Council - SHRM

The Quorum Group

  • Read the Student Information Plan (SIP), as well as each of the several web pages associated with this site.

  • Read and note the important dates on the Semester Calendar for tests and assignments.

  • Begin work on the HR Laws & Regulations Assignment immediately. As you read each Chapter, note the laws and what they regulate. Continue to build as you read through each chapter.

  • The best, in your Instructor's Opinion, employer/employee relationship is one that is founded on "Mutual Confidence, Respect and Trust."

  • Visit the following Web page for hints on how to take a multiple choice test:
    Test Success

  • "SPHR" is a professional certification that stands for "Senior Professional in Human Resources."

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