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Semester Assignment

Semester Assignment = 20% of Semester Grade

The textbook adequately covers federal laws and regulations that enter into employment and labor matters, but it barely mentions state laws and regulations.

Your assignment is to research (this is not a "research paper") the Internet, library, newspapers - any legal source for information related to the labor and employment laws of the State of Texas. (If you are not a Texas resident, contact the Instructor for an alternative assignment.)

Create a list of five (5) or more key Texas Employment and Labor Laws and Regulations, provide the year of enactment and most recent year revised, if applicable, and note the acronym, if any for each law or regulation.

For each law or regulation, write a concise descriptive paragraph that describes enough about the law so that an ordinary business person can read the paragraph and have a reasonable idea about the law, who it applies to, what is required to comply, etc.

Grading for this assignment will be done on a comparative basis. You may work in teams if you so desire, but I would be cautious about sharing information with non-team members. By "comparative" I mean that the best paper will receive a grade of "A;" and all other papers will be scaled to the top paper.

If two or more of you are interested in working in a team, send me an email to that effect and provide me with authorization to provide your email address to other prospective team members. Privacy is important to many people in this electronic age and I feel I have an obligation to protect your email privacy.

I am sure that many of you will have questions. For the benefit of the class as a whole, please send your questions by email and I will share the answers with the class.

I am open to suggestions concerning this assignment, so don't be bashful.

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